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Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Uli Dendy, Owner of TrueLanguage on The Chic Perspectives Show

Elizabeth Gordon, President of Flourishing Business and bestselling author of The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels, shines the Chic Spotlight on Uli Dendy, Owner of True Language.

Uli Dendy is a partner in True Language, a Marietta-based translation and software localization business.  Her clients are Fortune 1000 companies that do business around the world and produce web applications or software that must be translated into multiple languages.

Uli was born in Germany and came to the US at age 21 to continue her education.  She earned a degree in microbiology. She was then trained as a technical writer and translator where her scientific background served her well.

Uli has always embraced science and language and translated a desire to study genetics into a thriving enterprise that allows big business to clone its systems into dozens of languages.

Different languages and different cultures can be a real challenge in international business.  True Language translation services make it easy to communicate with foreign markets.  The company translates into 28 plus languages, also understands cultural differences.

As a Business to Business agency True Language specializes in two main areas:

First Tue Language supports corporate communication departments in their efforts to reach out to their foreign audience – be it clients, subsidiaries or employees.  Projects range from translation of legal documents to translation of technical user manuals to websites and everything in between.

Second, True Language supports graphic design and ad agencies.  The company takes the English material in the software it was created in and will translate and then typeset the file to achieve a printer ready file.  They understand the unique requirements to produce an ad piece or brochure in multiple languages, and their help is most appreciated when it comes to languages with a different character set such as Asian, Eastern European or Cyrillic languages.

Uli talked about one recent project for a logistics company who needed their user manuals updated in 19 languages.  They did a version comparison to identify the new text to be translated, made the changes in 19 languages and submitted the files to a client review.  Upon approval, they typeset the files and created a printer ready 40 page user manual for each language.

Uli trained as a technical writer and translator in the localization department of Intergraph, and then became a translator and later a director for a translation house here in Atlanta where she developed leadership skills and a vision of a lively language team supporting our clients.
Here how she’s built True Language through trusted clients and high quality ISO certification standards that differentiate the company and wow Fortune 500 companies clients with on-time project completion.

Listen in to hear all the secrets of Uli’s success and learn how you can:

  • Treat your business like a business
  • Set goals but be flexible in the process of reaching your goals
  • Network and develop genuine connections

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