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Chic Perspectives explores business from a woman’s point of view. Guests  include top women business owners, executives and experts from across the world who are adding style to the substance of building a company. Topics include leadership, strategy, global economics, entrepreneurship, finance, fashion, food, trends, image, décor, marketing psychology, products and services that  cater to women and how to master the powerful male-female dynamic in a work  setting. The show features a monthly roundtable discussion that highlights business trade associations geared specifically for women.

Our Featured Shows

Today on Chic Perspectives, we spotlight the upcoming Executive Women’s Day at the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola. Our guests on the show are: Donna Fiedorowicz, SVP with the Tournament Activation and Outreach Department with the PGA TOUR Donna shares about the PGA TOUR’s great new Women’s Initiative being unleashed at PGA TOUR events. Lillian Giornelli … [more]

In this special ProWIN edition of Chic Perspectives, Host Dana Barrett interviewed Sandy Jones, Lorna Rasmussen and Lorikay Stone. Sandy talked about her business, Pearlworks, and talked about the importance of developing your jewelry style and having a great jewelry wardrobe.  To learn more about Sandy and Pearlworks go to www.PearlWorks.net. Lorna Ramussen, an independent … [more]

Chic Perspectives features Atlanta entrepreneurs Sue Sullivan, President of Hot Squeeze, and Evin Galang, Owner of Down South Swing. Evin Galang was enjoying working in her passion as a dance instructor when the opportunity to takeover the Down South Swing studio arose.  She decided to step up to the challenge of turning around the business … [more]

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