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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Megha Rodriguez, Technology Consultant & CEO of Hire Humanity, LLC

Elizabeth and Megha

Elizabeth and Megha

Megha Rodriguez was my guest on the Chic Perspectives Show.  Megha is a business strategist and technology consultant with over 11 years experience as an entrepreneur.

She is the CEO of Hire Humanity, LLC, a business services company that helps small business owners and solo-preneurs bring their dreams to reality.  They do this by providing small businesses with the additional human resources needed to make their business grow.

In her consulting work, Megha is committed to helping women business owners identify how to align their heart’s calling with their business objectives. She trains people how to use technology (e.g. social media, web-based software, etc) to sustain their growth and provides hands-on management support to help put great ideas into action.

Megha works with clients on taking their core authenticity and harnessing it in their social media – and we talked all about how to do just that during the show.

Megha offers tons of great advice on how to leverage social media properly to grow your business and expand your reach as well as develop more powerful and trusted relationships with clients, colleagues and all of you business associates.

Here are a few of her words of wisdom to remember:

  • Be Authentic in building your online social relationships
  • Beware of over-automating your technology and losing your personal touch
  • Take the time necessary to identify your target market and make it SPECIFIC
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone in your messaging
  • Be considerate by be honest
  • Transparency is king – people like those who are willing to admit their mistakes
  • Identify your core purpose it will make a difference in how you are perceived
  • Know where your target market lives and go there well, rather than being everywhere poorly
  • This all goes back to the old adage that is even more true today than ever before  – people do business with people – so being authentic is keep to getting and keeping good solid and profitable relationships.

    What truly motivates your business activity – money? power? social impact? being a change agent?

    This is not an idle question but rather an all encompassing power center that permeates all of your business actions.  Who you are matters and why you do what you do matters too.  People want to know you and the essence of your life and business philosophy that makes your business different.  Your authenticity can’t be copied and it will help you create a business of inherent value.

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