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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Mireille Guiliano, author of Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire on the Chic Perspectives Show

It was such a pleasure to have Mireille Guiliano on The Chic Perspectives Show today.  Mireille Guiliano is the bestselling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, and she came by the studio today to talk about her latest book, Women, Work & The Art of Savoir Faire.

Despite my terrible (terribly non-existent) french accent – we had a great time getting to know each other.  Definitely want to listen in to this great interview with Mireille Guilliano  – she is a woman who knows her stuff and has walked her talk, through many successful adventures and stages in life – she says we live in episodes – and as a transformation goddess myself, I really must agree.

Mireille shares her experiences working at a CEO of a french champagne company in the states, as she headed to the US to lead up their new presence in America.  And how she grew market share of the brand from less than 1% to 23% of the luxury champagne market.

Mireille talks about how make career decisions that will allow you to maximize and achieve your potential and also enjoy your life. Personal branding, enlightened self interest, and getting unstuck and manifesting a magnificent turnaround – are all part of the wisdom she shares.

Her unique french -american perspective is indeed a treasure.  Check out her book and her free websites for all the latest on business sense and sensibility for the chic entrepreneur.

I love Mireille’s philosophy and the book is a delight – definitely pick it up …  some of my favorite of her ideas are:

“Communication skills are the key to a successful career, more than intelligence, knowledge or experience”  — or hard work, I would add  — “The latter might get you the job, but the former gets you promoted” – really, yes, that is how it actually works out there.  Wake up and realize that there is a game, it needs to be played – and you can play it like a woman and win.

“The enlightened career move has to balance talent with passion and opportunity. Nature did not give us the bodies to succeed in certain professions or the minds for others.”  — Stop fighting with nature and instead maximize what you have, Mireille tells us to work with what we’ve got and communicate how we are unique, different and special – because we all are.

We also had an interesting chat about how too much talent can be a burden, and how to make important career decisions by taking into account your life as well as your ambition.

Thanks for stopping by Mirielle and sharing your Chic Perspective with our listeners today (she was on Good Day Atlanta this morning), safe travels back to NY and lovely Paris.  I certainly look forward to applying the art of savoir faire to my business and my life and I know our listeners do as well.  Check out Mirielle Guilliano and her latest book Women, Work & the art of Savoir Faire @ and

For more on how to be a Chic Success as a Chic Entrepreneur, get all of Season One of Chic Perspectives on CD on download.  Thanks for listening to the Chic Perspectives Show.  Let me know who else’s you like us to get on the show to share how to “succeed in style” – your own personal style, that is  – creating an authentic flourishing business as a unique reflection of yourself, your joy, your genius and your ambition for yourself, your family and the world.

Thanks for being a Chic Entrepreneur.  Until next time, wishing you all Chic Success.   — Elizabeth