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Bill Williams, Executive Vice President of Murphy Business and Financial Corp

In this Chic Perspectives episode, Bill Williams is the Executive Vice President of Murphy Business and Financial Corp, and a certified business coach talks about how to choose a franchise.

For more than 30 years, Bill was an executive with technology companies, responsible for training, support, operations and IT.

Bill analyzes the factors that hold people back from entrepreneurship, talks about how to assess the risk of your venture and how to choose the right type of business for you.

Elizabeth Gordon interviews Jackie Adams, Franchise Consultant, FranChoice

In this Chic Perspective episode, I interviewed Jackie Adams, Franchise Consultant, FranChoice about picking the right franchise and making it successful.

Jackie Adams has 18+ years of franchise executive-level experience and offers a vast array of knowledge to every to the prospective franchisees she works with. Her work as a franchisee, an international franchise executive, and working with a start up franchise business, helps her match potential franchisees with the right franchise company. Jackie served as Director of Franchise Operations for Regus Business Centres, where she was responsible for the initial set-up and launch of the franchise division for this successful global company. At The Athlete’s Foot, Jackie was Global Director of Franchise Operations, overseeing 450+ franchised locations in 50 countries.

In this Chic Perspective Jackie explains the benefits and drawbacks of owning a franchise, how to evaluate potential opportunities and compare their potential. Jackie explains how much you need to invest in a franchise, financing options and what to expect in terms of support from the system. She also talks about how to do your research and what questions to ask existing franchisees and how to think through such issues as personal exit strategy and where the franchise company is in terms of its expansion strategy.