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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Lorraine Chilvers, CEO of Delaney Consulting LLC on the Chic Perspectives Show

CIMG3003Today on the Chic Perspectives Show I got to chat with Lorraine Chilvers, CEO of Delaney, a professional services company that provides financial expertise to businesses.

Lorraine has held some high-level executive positions with Fortune 100 companies, she talked about why she moved from that to being an entrepreneur.  She reveals why given the current economic climate, Delany’s services are uniquely suited to meet the needs of growing businesses.

I always like to ask successful businesspeople about mistakes or failures in their past.  Failure can be a powerful teaching tool and often businesspeople’s own past failures helped create the person they are today.  Lorraine shares what failures she’s observed in the past that have led her to this point in her career.

The economy is still down and people are beginning their plans for 2010.  Since Delaney Consulting provides financial advice to companies, Lorraine gave some great advice to small entrepreneurs.

She also talked about what makes a smaller company such as Delaney different from all the other consulting companies out there.  Delaney is also placing significant efforts towards education, with their “Delaney Learning”  program.  Lorraine talked about why the company is focusing on education.  Lorraine also talked about a new program Delaney is also starting for CEO’s, called Delaney Think-Tank.

A large part of Ms. Chilvers outside life is focused on supporting women.  She is on the board of Zonta, which is part of Zonta International.  She talked more about the work she does to support women.

Lorraine also shared some great advice for women who are in the early stages of their career and deciding whether to start up their own company.  And lastly don’t miss the personal side of Lorraine.  We all have our pre-conceived ideas of “accountants”  – Lorraine tells me, what a CFO really does in her time off…

Thanks Lorraine for being a great guest on the Chic Perspectives Show today.  For more on Delaney Consulting, LLC go to: