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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Angela Stalcup of Ladies Who Launch Atlanta and The Curvy Life on The Chic Perspectives Show

This week it was my pleasure to chat with Angela Stalcup, the Atlanta Market Director for Ladies Who Launch and the Chief Curvy Officer for The Curvy Life about how women entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Angela talked about the latest trends she is seeing in women entrepreneurs and why the numbers of women starting new businesses continues to grow in the current economy and how women are becoming more sophisticated in their approach.

Angela gave some great examples of how the barriers to entry have gone down and how women can now compete at a global level with large companies without feeling a tremendous disadvantage.  All signs still point to this being an increasing popular path for women.  While lifestyle is usually a factor for women’t entrepreneurial career choice, more and more money has become more of the focus as women are realizing just what they are capable of achieving once they step out of the shadow of a boss and take their economic power into their own hands.

Angela talked about the new feminine power and how it differs from the traditional view of power.  This is such a hot topic in female business leader circles of late, so I would to hear your comments on how women leaders are challenging the norms and bringing forth a new approach based on collaboration instead of control and what the effects of such a perspective shift will be.

She also spoke of the rise of women in the corporate world and how leadership norms are changing, why certain practices are outdated and what it really takes to get ahead in today’s business world.

Angela and I talked about the new girls club, and how the last 10 years have seen a great shift in how women network, connect and help each other.  We discussed why women in the past have felt a need to compete with each other and why cooperation is the new norm in women business relations.

I know you’ll enjoy this insightful conversation about the next wave of feminine power in the workplace and what that means for profits, products and our planet.  Check out more about Angela, Ladies Who Launch Atlanta, and The Curvy Life @