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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Peter Bowerman author of The Well-Fed Writer on the Chic Perspectives Show

Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman

Today on The Chic Perspectives Show, I got to meet Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Writer, a fantastic how to guiding to achieving financial self-sufficincy as a commercial freelancer in six months or less.

If you’ve ever wondered how to separate “starving” from “writer”, this book has all the answers you need and will give you a perfect plan for how to turn your writing abilities into cold hard cash.

Peter talked about how businesses of all sizes generate an enormous volume of writing projects, and how in today’s downsized business world, much of that work gets outsourced to freelancers.  If you like to write and don’t mind the fabulous work from home lifestyle that goes along with the occupation, Peter can tell you exactly how to get your share of this huge and growing market for commercial freelance writers.

What exactly is commercial copywriting?  you may ask… well Peter Bowerman shares his wealth of knowledge on this large and growing industry, and why you don’t need a lot of experience to make a well-fed living at it.

Commercial copywriting is a great field for stay at home Moms, and Peter talked about why the work is so popular with women who are looking for a good work, life balance with a profitable career with flexibility and no commute.

Peter talked about what people can be doing right now, to lay the groundwork for a career in commercial copywriting while they may be working at other jobs now.

For a comprehensive review of the industry and how you can start to pick up jobs immediately with little or no experience, check out the latest edition of The Well-Fed Writer at

Thanks again Peter for coming on The Chic Perspectives Show today to share your expertise on creating a highly profitable business as a freelance commercial copywriter.

Peter is also the author of The Well-Fed Self Publisher