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Elizabeth Gordon and guest co-host Angela Stalcup interview Laura Scholz of CRAVE Atlanta and Scholz Communications

How do companies navigate the world of social media ?  What’s the cross over between social media and traditional media?  How does social media allow women to play to their strengths?  All this in more …

Listen to Angela Stalcup, the Atlanta Market Director for Ladies Who Launch and the Chief Empowerment Officer at The Curvy Life

and Laura Scholz ,  President of Scholz Communications and area director for CRAVE Atlanta,

and of course me as we talk about:

what works on social media and what doesn’t (how to make friends and how to avoid making foes),

the types of result the pro’s are getting and how to cross leverage social media and traditional media,

how to use social media to open doors that you never thought you’d be able to open on your own,

how to manage your time on the tools through consistent and scheduled usage,

what a ROI from social media looks like and why more and more small companies are using it to effectively level the playing field and gain market share and develop real relationships with customers.

Thanks so much Laura and Angela for being with me.   Make sure to check them out @:

Ladies Who Launch and The Curvy Life

and Laura Scholz, President of Scholz Communications and area director for CRAVE Atlanta,

Twitter: @LauraScholz

Much continued Chic Success!