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Laura Scholz Interviews Consumer Products Expert Melanie Stewart


Meet Melanie Stewart, serial entrepreneur.  Not satisfied with owning a successful medical billing company, Melanie joined forces with her best friend to start M&M Consumer Products, a company dedicated to developing comfortable, convenient and creative solutions to  every day health and beauty needs.
Melanie chats about the inspiration behind her products, using family members as guinea pigs and her favorite “Pink Ladies” (hint: their successful entrepreneurs) in this exclusive interview.

Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Financial Adviser Martina A. Jimenez and Estate Planning Attorney Patti Elrod-Hill on the Chic Perspectives Show

Elizabeth Gordon, founder of Flourishing Business and author of The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels sat down with financial advisor Martina Jimenez of Eagle Strategies, LLC and estate planning attorney Patricia Elrod-Hill of The Elrod-Hill Law Firm to discuss WIFS, Women in Insurance and Financial Services.  Listen in on their conversation.

Martina Jimenez started her business career early, forming numerous business ventures with neighborhood children in her native Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  With a strong knack for business and leadership skills, Martina naturally led these ventures, serving as CEO or President.  Her instincts for business and leadership were also groomed by a generation of strong and intelligent women who insisted she never stepped aside or behind anyone – and she’s still going strong.  With over 15 years experience in the financial industry, Ms. Jimenez is a Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies, LLC, a subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, and has owned her practice in Atlanta for 8 years.  Prior to Eagle Strategies, LLC, Martina worked as a Private Banker for Bank of America and worked in the mortgage industry.  She attended the University of Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Martina provides her clients a vast range of personalized services including wealth management, education, retirement and business planning, estate preservation, family wealth transfers and charitable giving.  Martina provides custom tailored strategies for each client, understanding the unique needs that require her financial expertise.  Helping her clients attain financial independence is more than a goal, it is her commitment.  With a relentless work ethic, Martina’s dedication to her clients is well know in the industry and valued by her impressive clientele.

Visit her at 550 Pharr Road, N.E., Suite 645 Atlanta, GA 30305,

You can find her on twitter as well @majimenez01

Her numerous Affiliations, Awards, Licenses & Organizations  include being the current President of WIFS in Atlanta, which is a great organization that women in insurance and financial services should really get to know – find out more about WIFS

Patti Elrod-Hill is also a long time board member of WIFS joined us in the studio as well.

Patricia Elrod-Hill who is an estate planning attorney and established entrepreneur as well. The Elrod-Hill Law Firm, does estate planning and elder care.  They help families plan for their future, with a concentration in helping families who have a loved one with a disability or who might be facing a disability.  She’s been in practice for 21 years and established her own firm 7 years ago.  With a lot of compassion and understanding Patti brings an excellent perspective to what can often be a difficult and sensitive situation.

Patti shared how she started and what she does for clients as well as what she sees coming for her industry.

Her law firm helps people understand what they need to do legally to protect a loved one who may need extra help in managing their affairs.  Working with an attorney can save money and give a lot of peace of mind.  Women are especially in need of advice because they are often the caretakers.

Go to

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Laura Scholz Interviews Maura Neill of 365 Atlanta

Maura Neill and Laura Scholz

Maura Neill and Laura Scholz

Looking for something fun to do in Atlanta this weekend?  Or even every day of the week?

Look no further than realtor Maura Neill’s fabulous blog, Atlanta: 365 Days, 365 Things to Do.  From pillow fights in Piedmont Park to the city’s best restaurants, shows and museums, her blog is the source for Atlanta’s best events.

Listen as we discuss her blog (she writes EVERY day!), the surprising popularity of local cemeteries, karaoke and her upcoming appearance at Social Media Breakfast Atlanta on August 19 at 8am.

Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Kathy Betty, Owner and CEO of WNBA Atlanta Dream

Elizabeth Gordon and Kathy Betty

Elizabeth Gordon and Kathy Betty

Elizabeth Gordon, President of Flourishing Business and bestselling author of The Chic Entrepreneur interviewed WNBA Team Owner & CEO Kathy Betty today on The Chic Perspectives Show.  Betty purchased the Atlanta Dream in October 2009, shortly after the franchise completed its second season in Atlanta.  A prominent Atlanta businesswoman and sports advocate, Betty is committed to putting a winning product on the court and making a positive impact off the court.

Betty has more than 25 years of business management and consultancy experience.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Computer Sciences from the University of Alabama and Belmont College, and went on to work for Hayes Microsystems, was one of the first female partners with Ernst & Young, and later served as Executive Vice President and Partner with Scott, Madden and Associates. In 1996, she formed her own successful incubator The Tradewind Group.

Betty serves in a leadership capacity for a number of non-profit organizations.  She is chairman and CEO of the Garry Betty Foundation, a partnership with the V Foundation.  She also serves on the boards of Alexander-Tharpe Fund, Georgia Institute of Technology, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Tipoff Club.

Find more about the team and buy tickets to an Atlanta Dream game at:

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Elizabeth Gordon, bestselling author of The Chic Entrepreneur, asks Lisa Owen, President of CORE Benefit Solutions and Gina Ragsdale, President of Southern Demolitionto share their Chic Tips on Business on The Chic Perspectives Show

Listen to these Chic Tips from established Entrepreneurs Lisa Owen, President & Benefit Specialist, CORE Benefit Solutions, LLC and Gina Ragsdale, Founder/President/Southern Demolition

Lisa Owen is the founding partner and President of CORE Benefit Solutions, a benefits brokerage firm specializing in health benefits planning and marketing for corporations and individuals.

Lisa has 15+ years of experience in the employee benefits arena for both corporations and individuals.  Her business knowledge and industry expertise, paired with innovative ideas and commitment to client satisfaction, have earned notable credibility in the industry.

As a Benefits Specialist and broker for corporations and individuals, Lisa’s company helps corporations of all sizes establish or re-vamp the benefits package (encompassing medical, dental, disability, and workers comp) they offer employees and also serve as an employer’s HR administrative arm as needed.

Gina Ragsdale, Founder/President/Southern Demolition and Environmental.

Gina became an asbestos inspector in 2007 and then became a licensed asbestos abatement contractor in the state of Georgia.  Southern Demolition handles all aspects of demolition projects including estimating, inspecting and supervising the removal of asbestos, applying for permits, coordinating the installation of erosion controls, advising the client of permitting and site plan requirements, and deconstructing re-usable building products.

Her company is focused on the diversion of materials from the landfill – everything from usable light fixtures to hardwood floorings to bricks to mantles to cabinets to appliances.  She recently started a retail outlet for architectural elements, bricks and other treasures she finds deconstructing wood and other salvageable items from houses and structures called “The Deconstructed House” .

Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews entrepreneur and social media expert Stephanie Abrams today on the Chic Perspectives Show

The Chic Perspectives Show is a weekly radio show for women entrepreneurs interested in business topics such as sales, marketing, operations, employees and cash flow, along with growth and strategy.

We interview a variety of guests to hear success stories of women business owners, industry trends and innovative ideas – all geared towards helping women put themselves in ‘higher heels’ and ‘succeed in style’- their own personal style.

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show we shined to Chic Spotlight on social media.  I talked to Emerging Entrepreneur, Stephanie Abrams, Founder of Gabbaroo, a social media company.

Stephanie Abrams and Deirdre Leone are the founders of, and two female entrepreneurs succeeding with style. is a social media marketing company that works to optimize its client’s visibility in the online world.  Creating a buzz through social networking sites, Gabbaroo utilizes social media to garner attention for small businesses, personas, bands and even Broadway shows.

Stephanie talked about what Gabbaroo does do for businesses, how Gabbaroo different from other marketing companies and what types of clients they service.  She shared great advice to other women entrepreneurs as well.

Listen to my interview with Stephanie to find out  why businesses need to be present in an online world in order to get ahead.

Stephanie talked about why social media should be done by a professional company who have extensive knowledge about social media in order for it to be effective.

We also discussed statistics about how relevant social media is to reaching masses of people much faster than traditional marketing.  Contact  and keep in touch with Gabbaroo and get your gab on.



Thanks for listening.

Until next time, wishing you all Chic Success.


Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting, and The Latina Joy of Connecting, and Joy of Connecting Licensees – Annette Walden Mason, of Painted Lady, Enterprises and Carole McNichol of Kylen Financials Inc. on The Chic Perspectives Show

JOC on Chic Perspectives

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show, we shined the Chic Spotlight on The Joy of Connecting.  My guests were Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting, and The Latina Joy of Connecting,  and 2 of the many Joy of Connecting Licensees – Annette Walden Mason, of Painted Lady, Enterprises and Carole McNichol of Kylen Financials Inc.

Bonnie – A seasoned speaker/author and creator of a national/non-membership organization called The Joy of Connecting.  With 27+ years of networking experience, Bonnie’s focus is to support entrepreneurial women, professionals and business owners with her customer acquisition/marketing model.

Annette Walden Mason has a background in customer service and sales.  She is a marketing solutions consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator. Her company is Painted Lady, Enterprises. She helps businesses with their relationship marketing both online and off line.  Annette is also one of the contributors for the book ‘42 Rules for Effective Connections.’

Carole McNichol is a Financial Adviser with Kylen Financials with over 22 years experience in the insurance and financial services, specializing in helping women to feel comfortable with their finances and empowering them to take charge of their financial future. Carole currently holds the following licenses series 7, 65, 63, variable, life and health.

Bonnie talked about how she identified a need in the market for Joy of Connecting while at Mail Boxes Etc. and why she decided to move forward with the business – 8 years later it is thriving and growing.

With so much emphasis on on-line marketing, or ‘social media’ as many people call it, Carole talked about why she thinks it’s important to also have off-line marketing.

It is very important for businesspeople to have off-line marketing in addition to an online strategy. The industry that Carole serves does not allow me to do any social media to advertise her business. It is a highly regulated industry and all print advertising must go through compliance.  Seminars that have been her largest marketing tool – and with all the networking and connections she makes through The Joy of Connecting – she’s been packing the room at her seminars.

Annette talked about some of the off-line opportunities available today – There are lots, BNI (Business Network International),  The local chambers of commerce, PowerCore, and a number of local types of groups both open and closed.  The ladies talked about what make the Joy of Connecting experience so unique in comparison.

Bonnie touched on some of the differences between the genders when it comes to networking.

Bonnie, explained why she decided to add another networking venue to the marketplace.  Even though there were already several women’s organizations in place, with The Joy of Connecting, the format, style and flexibility make it a truly differentiated opportunity to meet new people in a way that fits a busy woman’s schedule.

Since the ladies are involved with The Joy of Connecting – they described how the meetings work and what they each derive from participating.

Carole talked about how The Joy of Connecting has been and continues to be a unique marketing tool for her. She has used it as a way to gather an audience to market her financial seminars. Instead of trying to sell to her networking group  she asks the women to help her invite other women for an educational fun event. By giving these events it as made a significant difference to her business. She has also helped women within her group by helping them to showcase their expertise within the events.

The more we talked about the benefits of this connecting experience, it’s apparent just how special it is.  Layers upon layers of benefits.

Annette said that what she most wanted was to develop relationships with other entrepreneurial women.  Over the years these relationships have helped to grow her business and have also turned into wonderful friendships.  It is a warm and nurturing environment.  Women who are just starting a business and come to a Joy of Connecting always commit about how at ease they felt.

Carole talked more about some of the benefits for women to participate at a Joy of Connecting event.

Annette, added in some great Zig Ziglar wisdom – reminding us that   - People want to do business with people they know like and trust.  It’s about building the relationship.  She related networking to what Zig Ziglar says about motivation and taking a bath….you can’t do it just once and expect it to last.  She recommended finding places you feel comfortable networking and keep going on a regular basis.

Bonnie explained more about the licensing opportunity for someone wants to own a license and offer The Joy of Connecting in her community, the first thing she should do is check out the information on the website and fill out an application to be part of this great organization.

We talked about the reach and ripple effect The Joy of Connecting has had on Atlanta business community and far beyond.

LIsten to the replay and visit the websites to find out more about these fabulous ladies and The Joy of Connecting with them., and

Annette:  Website –


Twitter – PaintedLady1 –

Facebook – PaintedLady –


Thanks so much for tuning in to hear how these ladies are succeeding and style and get their Chic Tips on how you can too.

Thanks for listening and thank you to my lovely guests.

I’ll talk to you next week.

Stay Chic !


Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Julie Sue Auslander of cSubs, Lindsey Peddar of Beauty Ticket, and Jacqueline Edelberg of How to Walk to School on the Chic Perspectives Show

This week on the Chic Perspectives Show I had on Julie Sue Auslander  President, Chief Cultural Officer of cSubs, LLC (CSMS), Lindsey Peddar founder of Beauty Ticket and and  Jacqueline Edelberg Author of How to Walk to School

First in line was Jacqueline Edelberg who wrote the book, How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance (Foreword by Arne Duncan and Afterword by Rahm Emanuel).

Jacqueline has been the driving force behind the Nettelhorst School’s dramatic turn around, a story that has been featured on Oprah and Friends, NPR, CNN, 60 Minutes, Education Weekly, and in the local Chicago media.

A community organizer, writer, and nationally recognized fine artist, Jacqueline has led workshops for the Community Schools Initiative, Northside Parents Network, and Chicago Public Schools on how public schools and reformers can improve public education.

Her influential book has a very simple message: Every kid, in every community, deserves a great neighborhood public school. Jacqueline led eight moms in a Chicago diner to make our dreams come true. They succeeded because they treated the school like a business start-up.

The Library journal had this to say about the book and the blueprint it lays out.:

“This is a fascinating account of the collaboration between a public school principal, Kurland, the parents of young children considering her elementary school, and the community that transformed a failing public school into an outstanding and revitalized one. In the face of disastrous, widespread public school system failures across America, parent dissatisfaction, and teacher despair, the Chicago-based Nettlehorst School’s success story is a beacon. Edelberg, one of the Nettlehorst parents, and Kurland offer educators hope that change can happen in any public school, given the right mix of parent-teacher patience, willpower, community involvement, pluck, creativity, collaboration, and ability to overcome adversity. They provide a blueprint that schools can use for revitalization projects, detailing, for instance, how to procure donations from area businesses and to ask questions that will get answers about difficult educational problems such as coping with dysfunctional and unsatisfactory teaching. VERDICT: This book is essential reading for all elementary school parents and teachers, especially those who have lost their faith in the American public school system and are looking for ways to improve it. Here are solutions and inspiration.”

You can take a virtual tour to see the transformation @

Jacqueline shared her about when she and a friend ventured inside Nettelhorst, their neighborhood’s underutilized and struggling public elementary school, the new principal asked what it would take for us to enroll our children.

Stunned by her candor, we returned the next day armed with an extensive wish list. The principal read our list and said “Well, let’s get started, girls! It’s going to be a busy year…”

They were eight park moms who galvanized neighborhood parents and then organized an entire community to take a leap of faith, transforming a challenged urban school into one of Chicago’s best, virtually overnight.

If eight park moms could pull their little neighborhood school out of its twenty-five year nose-dive, surely other driven parents could do the same thing.

Jacqueline’s work is sparking the possibilities for a national grassroots school reform movement that would pull us all out of the giant mess we’re in, now wouldn’t that be something?

Check out the whole story at
or listen to NPR’s Chicago Matters piece:
or her other NPR interview:

and “Never doubt that a group of small thoughtful citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”–Margaret Mead

Next up on the Chic Perspectives Show was Emerging Entrepreneur Lindsay Pedder, CEO

Laid-off from an executive position at a premium skin care company (and seven months pregnant), Lindsay used her new found time, beauty background and business school education to start a discount site for Premium Beauty Brands.  just celebrated its first anniversary and is projecting aggressive growth for year two.

Lindsay talked about

While not quite as risky as being an entrepreneur, being an employee is risky too

Network, network, network

A good business plan is key to understanding what you are trying to do

Follow the business plan but allow for flexibility

Know how you are going to make money

Understanding the market, the customer and the space is key to being competitive

It was harder to start without investors but worthwhile in the long run

If you have a partner make sure it is the right one

The family work life balance is more intense as an entrepreneur but far more rewarding

Twitter @beauty_ticket

And finally was Julie Sue Auslander is an established women business owner, bordering on Expert, (25 years of success) in the Professional Services arena.

Julie Sue Auslander is President and Chief Cultural Officer of cSubs, LLC (CSMS), where she guides Inc. Magazine’s 5000 to reduce their spends 15-20% on publications, memberships, site licenses and online services.

Julie spoke with a unique perspective and wit on innovation, leadership, targeting a market, building a customer base; customer loyalty, systematizing processes; the emotions of hiring and firing, taking risks, overcoming fear, and the personal growth that comes with business growth.

Julie has created an employee/client centric eco-system, through an internal culture that fosters total team engagement, believing if given what they need to succeed, her team would channel their own efforts toward a high quality customer experience.

Formerly, Julie Auslander presided over her prior company’s liquidity event to a public company, overseeing a $14 million budget. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Center for Women and 50 Top Women owned Business in New Jersey.

Julie is an expert blogger on FASTCOMPANY ( She earned her MA and M.Ed from Columbia University and most recently, was awarded a scholarship to the 2008 tuck-WBENC Executive Program at Dartmouth College.

Julie talked about what makes her company unique: As a woman-owned company, we have found many innovative ways to support the needs of families and honor the individual as we continually inspire growth in our business by serving our clients. Regardless of the challenges experienced in the difficult situations encountered in business life, we actively manage our thoughts, feelings and actions to attract what we want and what our clients need.

At cSubs, we continually recreate our business from an intention of serving. Our strategies used in sales and marketing feel right because we under promise and over deliver. Wanting more from life, working less, finding deep satisfaction, making more money and having fun while accomplishing our goals is our way of life.

All of us at cSubs are rewarded for listening to our inner voice and feeling you’re part of something bigger than yourself. This notion of having a business serve its employees and its customers with ethics that live in our actions not on our mission statement, has become the foundation of my company’s mission and the reason for its success.

Julie Sue Auslander, M.ED, WPO, WBEPRESIDENT / CHIEF CULTURAL OFFICER of CSUBS | Subscriptions Simplified
jsauslander@csubs.com_ Visit Julie’s blog:
A Service of CSMS, LLCA Nationally Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Thanks everyone for listening and thank you again to my fabulous Chic Entrepreneur guests.

Remember – Heel to Heel We Rise.

Tune in again next week for more Chic Perspectives on women succeeding with style.


Elizabeth Gordon interviews Dave Savage, Inventors Association of GA President, Sue Watson, IP attorney, from SC Watson Law Firm and Inventor Donna Difloe, a Furniture Industry veteran and book author of How to buy furniture on The Chic Perspectives Show

Today on the Chic Perspectives  show I had on the Inventors Association of Georgia

Joining me in the studio to talk about all things inventive were:

Dave Savage, Inventors Association of GA President ( &

Sue Watson, IP attorney, from SC Watson Law Firm ( )

and Inventor Donna Difloe, a Furniture Industry veteran and book author of How to buy furniture.

Dave Savage is the president of Pres. of the Inventors Assoc. of GA, an organization that’s been in existence for 30 years.  In addition Dave also provides Inventors Advisory Service, family history & story video recording, Microsoft Word shortcuts trainer

45+ singles parties producer, Pre-paid Legal Attorney HMO plans & ID theft restoration, CLEAR 4G Mobile Internet sales, Direct TV satellite program sales, 4G wireless closed circuit TV sales, Alternative Bar & Bat Mitzvah preparation and ceremonies, Asian woodland landscape design, inexpensive home storage solutions, Home Party Support Services, Bartering & connections, resources.

Dave talked about how he teaches inventors to talk about their ideas without disclosing material details and how to get feedback, advice and find the best plan of action to move forward.  There is a lot to learn and be aware of as an inventor and surrounding yourself with those who can give advice, feedback and suggestions is very important in minimizing your losses and maximizing your returns.

Sue Watson of SC Watson Law Firm shared her expertise on Patents, Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress as well as Copyrights, Patent Clearance Analysis, Patent Portfolio Evaluations, Patent Intelligence.

Sue’s firm has extensive experience assisting start-up companies, universities, research foundations, and large, global corporations in achieving significant intellectual property protection.

We discussed the strategic reasons why having a patent portfolio is more powerful and puts you in a better negotiating position than just a single patent.

Sue talked about business model entrepreneurs can use to capitalize on their idea, what to do first and how to avoid rookie mistakes.

Sue shared about the importance of intellectual property protection in order to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.   It’s crucial to rapidly protect your intellectual property in order to enhance  your business growth and secure your business success.

She explained how a step-by-step, cost-effective plan in critical for a company to achieve optimum intellectual property protection of their technology.

Donna Difloe shared her success story or how she turned an idea for an innovative and versatile furniture into a flourishing business.

Donna started her own company, Design Dynamic, which became the “umbrella” for product design and development, intellectual property, marketing and speaking and training engagements.

Before going out on her own Donna was the first Exec. Dir. of the Interior Design Society, and also in Chicago, the Product Manager for Kroehler Furniture.

Donna wanted the comfort and fashion of living room furniture for her outdoor patio. So she created and patented drainable, upholstered seating – an industry first.The furniture wears and washes well. It is mildew resistant and it looks as if it would fit in perfectly with a well-decorated living room.

Lane/Venture of Conover, N.C., incorporated Difloe’s drain system into the cushions of a group of wicker furniture called WeatherMaster. Donna’s patented furniture system has been licensed to Laneventure for 20 years.  Love seats and soft wing chairs as well as wicker with cushions in various patterns are available.

Got Ideas??

Check out the Inventors Association of Georgia, sign up for the free newsletter and find out more about upcoming meetings and the resources offered – membership privledges provide lot’s of value all for a very affordable price.

Thanks so much to my fabulous guests Donna Difloe of Design Dynamic, Sue Watson of SC Watson Law Firm and Dave Savage of Inventors Association of Georgia.

Until next time… wishing you all Chic Success,


Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Mollye Rhea, President of For Momentum, Lori Rosen President of The Rosen Group and Managing Partner of Blacksock

Elizabeth & Mollye

Thanks for tuning in to the Chic Perspectives Show today on Business Radio X where we hear the success stories of women business owners, industry trends and innovative ideas – and help other women business owners put themselves in ‘higher heels’ and ‘succeed in style’- their own personal style.

My first guest joined me in the studio – Mollye Rhea, President and Founder of For Momentum,,  in addition to being a successful entrepreneur Mollye is also an expert in the area of cause marketing.

For 25+ years, Mollye Rhea, President of For Momentum, has conceptualized, developed and spearheaded programs for cause and partnership marketing to benefit non-profits and corporations at both national and local levels.

When Mollye Rhea founded her company, For Momentum, in May 2003, she realized that there were very few agencies specializing in cause marketing. Since then, For Momentum has grown to become one of the leading cause marketing firms in the country.

Mollye talked about how she got started in her business by leveraging her broad base of experience  working in advertising, corporate marketing, and nonprofit marketing.

This background created the right synergy for the For Momentum business model.

Mollye talked about how she created For Momentum to strike a better balance with her lifestyle wishes and values.

She selected cause marketing because it is her passion.

For Momentum serves three specific target audiences:

  • Nonprofits who desire to expand their resource base through corporate partnership.
  • Corporations who want to leverage their philanthropic support for expanding their business -- also known as strategic philanthropy,
  • Traditional marketing, advertising and pr agencies who want to round out their full service services with a cause marketing offering.

    Mollye talked about what cause marketing is, why it works and how companies do it.

    CSR are an important part of today’s business model.

    She talked about how businesses of all sizes are leveraging the power of cause marketing to generate sales, positive PR and community reputation, employee loyalty and affordable solutions are possible — you don’t have to be a huge corporation to make a difference.

    As entrepreneurs, Mollye said we have the opportunity to establish a business model that matches our lifestyle and life stage needs.

    Her advice to other female business owners — Develop systems that match your business and budgetary needs

      • project-based compensation models
      • telecommuting business model
      • employee-specific definition of “full time”

      You also won’t want to miss Mollye’s “Chic Tip”: As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to establish a business model that matches our lifestyle and life stage needs. Don’t let the “conventional models” limit your thinking.  If you have a will, you can make your own way.

      Go to and sign up for our Cause Alliances Insights e-publication — found on our website under “News You Can Use”

      My next guest was Lori Rosen who called into the Chic Perspectives Show from the Big Apple to share her entrepreneurial experiences with us.  Lori is the owner of a public relations firm in New York, The Rosen Group which celebrated its 25th anniversary in November 2009.

      Last year, Lori solicited a company in Switzerland, and became Managing Partner of Blacksocks ( NA, a web site that delivers socks by subscription. It’s aimed at busy men, who want the luxury of having socks delivered to them (rather than going to a store) –just when the one sock disappears. Blacksocks is a thriving business in Europe, with 40,000 active customers.

      Lori talked about operating her PR agency, managing the ebbs and flows in the economic cycles, and how her company has evolved over time.  She also got into wha it was like starting a new business with its own set of challenges in a down market.

      Blacksocks is run out of the agency-and most of the marketing is done through PR, in addition to google ad word and SEO.  It was interesting to hear Lori talk about how from a PR perspective what’s it like to be both the client and the agency and for the first time, have a very clear understanding from the client’s point of view.

      Lori talked about both businesses-owning and operating aspects of a PR agency; and

      what she’s learning from customers about the sock-scription business model, need vs. want, purchasing timing and creating urgency.

      Thanks to my wonderful guests for sharing their stories and advice with our ever growing listen base.

      Tune in next time for more chic business talk.

      Until then… wishing you all Chic Success,