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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Desiree Scales, CEO of Bella Web Design

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show I got to chat with Desiree Scales, CEO of Bella Web Design.

Elizabeth Gordon & Desiree Scales

Elizabeth Gordon & Desiree Scales

Bella Web Design has helped over 200 companies realize their success in Atlanta and more than 35 states nationwide for more than 10 years. Her company provides web design, web hosting, search engine submission and optimization, print design, email marketing, social media coaching, blogging and general web marketing consultation.

Desiree accredits their success to her team’s creative talent, integrity, and friendly service that draws loyal clients.

Desiree’s expertise and experience has evolved into a passion to educate both businesses and organizations on internet technology that ignites their success.

She has been a featured speaker at companies, conferences and seminars across Atlanta and regularly provides classes on blogging, web design, branding, Internet marketing, Web 2.0 strategies and social media.

She additionally offers personal Social Media Coaching to business owners who want to apply the online buzz to their customer relationships and bottom line.

Desiree is an authority on all things web.  Her expert advice:

  • If you don’t think your site is professional enough, it’s not. Hire a pro.
  • Don’t skimp on your social media budget, it’s the most important item in it.
  • Blogging is the best way to start using social media.
  • Find one medium that fits your personality and stick with it.
  • Be flexible and follow others who provide a good example.
  • Helping others is the best way to establish your expertise.
  • Make sure you look at your overall strategy and your goals before starting.

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Thanks again for coming on Desiree.  It was so great to see you again.