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Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting, and The Latina Joy of Connecting, and Joy of Connecting Licensees – Annette Walden Mason, of Painted Lady, Enterprises and Carole McNichol of Kylen Financials Inc. on The Chic Perspectives Show

JOC on Chic Perspectives

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show, we shined the Chic Spotlight on The Joy of Connecting.  My guests were Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting, and The Latina Joy of Connecting,  and 2 of the many Joy of Connecting Licensees – Annette Walden Mason, of Painted Lady, Enterprises and Carole McNichol of Kylen Financials Inc.

Bonnie – A seasoned speaker/author and creator of a national/non-membership organization called The Joy of Connecting.  With 27+ years of networking experience, Bonnie’s focus is to support entrepreneurial women, professionals and business owners with her customer acquisition/marketing model.

Annette Walden Mason has a background in customer service and sales.  She is a marketing solutions consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator. Her company is Painted Lady, Enterprises. She helps businesses with their relationship marketing both online and off line.  Annette is also one of the contributors for the book ‘42 Rules for Effective Connections.’

Carole McNichol is a Financial Adviser with Kylen Financials with over 22 years experience in the insurance and financial services, specializing in helping women to feel comfortable with their finances and empowering them to take charge of their financial future. Carole currently holds the following licenses series 7, 65, 63, variable, life and health.

Bonnie talked about how she identified a need in the market for Joy of Connecting while at Mail Boxes Etc. and why she decided to move forward with the business – 8 years later it is thriving and growing.

With so much emphasis on on-line marketing, or ‘social media’ as many people call it, Carole talked about why she thinks it’s important to also have off-line marketing.

It is very important for businesspeople to have off-line marketing in addition to an online strategy. The industry that Carole serves does not allow me to do any social media to advertise her business. It is a highly regulated industry and all print advertising must go through compliance.  Seminars that have been her largest marketing tool – and with all the networking and connections she makes through The Joy of Connecting – she’s been packing the room at her seminars.

Annette talked about some of the off-line opportunities available today – There are lots, BNI (Business Network International),  The local chambers of commerce, PowerCore, and a number of local types of groups both open and closed.  The ladies talked about what make the Joy of Connecting experience so unique in comparison.

Bonnie touched on some of the differences between the genders when it comes to networking.

Bonnie, explained why she decided to add another networking venue to the marketplace.  Even though there were already several women’s organizations in place, with The Joy of Connecting, the format, style and flexibility make it a truly differentiated opportunity to meet new people in a way that fits a busy woman’s schedule.

Since the ladies are involved with The Joy of Connecting – they described how the meetings work and what they each derive from participating.

Carole talked about how The Joy of Connecting has been and continues to be a unique marketing tool for her. She has used it as a way to gather an audience to market her financial seminars. Instead of trying to sell to her networking group  she asks the women to help her invite other women for an educational fun event. By giving these events it as made a significant difference to her business. She has also helped women within her group by helping them to showcase their expertise within the events.

The more we talked about the benefits of this connecting experience, it’s apparent just how special it is.  Layers upon layers of benefits.

Annette said that what she most wanted was to develop relationships with other entrepreneurial women.  Over the years these relationships have helped to grow her business and have also turned into wonderful friendships.  It is a warm and nurturing environment.  Women who are just starting a business and come to a Joy of Connecting always commit about how at ease they felt.

Carole talked more about some of the benefits for women to participate at a Joy of Connecting event.

Annette, added in some great Zig Ziglar wisdom – reminding us that   - People want to do business with people they know like and trust.  It’s about building the relationship.  She related networking to what Zig Ziglar says about motivation and taking a bath….you can’t do it just once and expect it to last.  She recommended finding places you feel comfortable networking and keep going on a regular basis.

Bonnie explained more about the licensing opportunity for someone wants to own a license and offer The Joy of Connecting in her community, the first thing she should do is check out the information on the website and fill out an application to be part of this great organization.

We talked about the reach and ripple effect The Joy of Connecting has had on Atlanta business community and far beyond.

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Thanks for listening and thank you to my lovely guests.

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