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Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Financial Adviser Martina A. Jimenez and Estate Planning Attorney Patti Elrod-Hill on the Chic Perspectives Show

Elizabeth Gordon, founder of Flourishing Business and author of The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels sat down with financial advisor Martina Jimenez of Eagle Strategies, LLC and estate planning attorney Patricia Elrod-Hill of The Elrod-Hill Law Firm to discuss WIFS, Women in Insurance and Financial Services.  Listen in on their conversation.

Martina Jimenez started her business career early, forming numerous business ventures with neighborhood children in her native Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  With a strong knack for business and leadership skills, Martina naturally led these ventures, serving as CEO or President.  Her instincts for business and leadership were also groomed by a generation of strong and intelligent women who insisted she never stepped aside or behind anyone – and she’s still going strong.  With over 15 years experience in the financial industry, Ms. Jimenez is a Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies, LLC, a subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, and has owned her practice in Atlanta for 8 years.  Prior to Eagle Strategies, LLC, Martina worked as a Private Banker for Bank of America and worked in the mortgage industry.  She attended the University of Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Martina provides her clients a vast range of personalized services including wealth management, education, retirement and business planning, estate preservation, family wealth transfers and charitable giving.  Martina provides custom tailored strategies for each client, understanding the unique needs that require her financial expertise.  Helping her clients attain financial independence is more than a goal, it is her commitment.  With a relentless work ethic, Martina’s dedication to her clients is well know in the industry and valued by her impressive clientele.

Visit her at 550 Pharr Road, N.E., Suite 645 Atlanta, GA 30305,

You can find her on twitter as well @majimenez01

Her numerous Affiliations, Awards, Licenses & Organizations  include being the current President of WIFS in Atlanta, which is a great organization that women in insurance and financial services should really get to know – find out more about WIFS

Patti Elrod-Hill is also a long time board member of WIFS joined us in the studio as well.

Patricia Elrod-Hill who is an estate planning attorney and established entrepreneur as well. The Elrod-Hill Law Firm, does estate planning and elder care.  They help families plan for their future, with a concentration in helping families who have a loved one with a disability or who might be facing a disability.  She’s been in practice for 21 years and established her own firm 7 years ago.  With a lot of compassion and understanding Patti brings an excellent perspective to what can often be a difficult and sensitive situation.

Patti shared how she started and what she does for clients as well as what she sees coming for her industry.

Her law firm helps people understand what they need to do legally to protect a loved one who may need extra help in managing their affairs.  Working with an attorney can save money and give a lot of peace of mind.  Women are especially in need of advice because they are often the caretakers.

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