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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Maria Marsala, Founder of Elevating your Business and former Wall Street executive

In this Chic Perspective I talk with Maria Marsala – Founder of Elevating your Business and former Wall Street executive.

Maria Marsala entered the business world at 14 and hit Wall Street 3 years later.

Maria is a business consultant, coach, speaker and author.

Maria has been featured in national and international publications such as Money magazine, Women’s Day, and The Bottom Line.

In this Chic Perspective Maria talks about how she climbed the corporate ladder without hitting the glass ceiling, exhibiting fierce determination and keen insights when she became a bond trader and department manager at a time when women executives were a rare commodity.

Maria reveals how entrepreneurs can double their income, work smarter and enjoy a higher quality of life by using smart planning.

She discusses how a mindset shift is the most powerful thing you can do to expand the potential of your business while also reducing your workload.