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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Elisa Gambino Owner of Via Elisa, Fresh Pasta Perfection

Elisa Gambino is the Owner of Via Elisa, fresh authentic pasta. Elisa was an Emmy Award-winning producer for CNN before she decided to venture into entrepreneurship and share her passion for pasta by filling a untapped niche.

Via Elisa is a one-of-a-kind operation and supplies pasta to many of Atlanta’s finest restaurants.

Elisa has expanded her business beyond her own initial vision of a lifestyle business into exactly what she really wanted it to be. The company now sells to Whole Foods and operates a popular retail shop.

Elisa has been the recipient of the NAWBO Atlanta Chapter WE Shine Award for Rising Star of the Year and was named SBDC GWEN Georgia Women Entrepreneur of 2006. She’s also graced the cover of Atlanta Woman magazine.

In this Chic Perspective, Elizabeth interviews Elisa about her entrepreneurial journey. Elisa will share how she got her entrepreneurial education and explain what was so important about the planning process and how it helped her to achieve her business goals.

She will also talk about doing research before getting started, and how learning her craft from a famed Italian family whose legacy is served in Rome’s finest restaurants allowed her to position herself appropriately in the marketplace. In this session,

Elisa will talk about the key success factors in her business growth, as well as how to hire, manage and motivate people. Elisa will instill the importance of knowing how to read your numbers from the beginning and how to handle external market forces that no business plan can predict.

Lastly you will hear advice on mistakes for business owners to lookout for and the one most important thing that all business owners should be sure to do every single day.