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Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews entrepreneur and social media expert Stephanie Abrams today on the Chic Perspectives Show

The Chic Perspectives Show is a weekly radio show for women entrepreneurs interested in business topics such as sales, marketing, operations, employees and cash flow, along with growth and strategy.

We interview a variety of guests to hear success stories of women business owners, industry trends and innovative ideas – all geared towards helping women put themselves in ‘higher heels’ and ‘succeed in style’- their own personal style.

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show we shined to Chic Spotlight on social media.  I talked to Emerging Entrepreneur, Stephanie Abrams, Founder of Gabbaroo, a social media company.

Stephanie Abrams and Deirdre Leone are the founders of, and two female entrepreneurs succeeding with style. is a social media marketing company that works to optimize its client’s visibility in the online world.  Creating a buzz through social networking sites, Gabbaroo utilizes social media to garner attention for small businesses, personas, bands and even Broadway shows.

Stephanie talked about what Gabbaroo does do for businesses, how Gabbaroo different from other marketing companies and what types of clients they service.  She shared great advice to other women entrepreneurs as well.

Listen to my interview with Stephanie to find out  why businesses need to be present in an online world in order to get ahead.

Stephanie talked about why social media should be done by a professional company who have extensive knowledge about social media in order for it to be effective.

We also discussed statistics about how relevant social media is to reaching masses of people much faster than traditional marketing.  Contact  and keep in touch with Gabbaroo and get your gab on.



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