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Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs, and Authors of Opportunity Meets Motivation, Eleanor Morgan, Peggy Parks, Angela Durdin talk business with Elizabeth Gordon on Heel to Heel

This week on the Heel to Heel Radio Network, hear the stories behind new book, Opportunity Meets Motivation.  Buy the book by authors Brown, Druden, Parks and Morgan at

Listen to the show and meet these successful businesswomen and authors:

Eleanor Morgan, CEO of MD&E, Inc, a certified Women-Owned Business that specializes in helping large organizations maximize the value of their CRM data. By organizing data, it helps customers streamline systems, increase revenues, and improve services.   Clarity Specialists/MD&E provides support for systems data management and consulting for major corporations and has an 18 year track record of success in offering professional services in the Southeast.

Peggy Parks, owner of The Parks Image Group, an international image and etiquette consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA.  It provides custom corporate workshops on professional business attire and etiquette and private one-on-one consulting on image plans and wardrobe planning.

Angela Durden, owner of WRITER for HIRE, which helps businesses use words to best represent them.  They pick the words, place them on paper, and produce them by working together telling the story of the business warmly and creatively. Add graphic design and print brokering and WRITER for HIRE is a comprehensive solution for marketing, advertising, and print needs.  WRITER for HIRE! Press provides publishing services ranging from coaching and editing to design, layout and production.

Heel to Heel is where women talk business.   We shine the spotlight on the success stories of prominent businesswomen and hear the story behind the success.  Business advisory firm founder, strategy consultant, and best-selling author Elizabeth Gordon, is joined weekly by top female business executives and women entrepreneurs to talk about business.  Heel to Heel is sponsored by Flourishing Business, an advisory firm for entrepreneurs; visit