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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Karen Hughes of Image Assets on the Chic Perspectives Show

Wondering what’s in style this season?  Well you’ve come to the right show.  Today I talked with Karen Hughes who is a Certified Image Professional and the President of Owner of Image Assets.

Early in her life, Karen knew she loved clothes, having learned how to sew at the tender age of 10, but she had a passion for teaching.   Spending a decade in corporate America honing her presentation skills she found herself again drawn back to fashion and clothing – she has a degree in fashion merchandising. Taking time off to raise her 3 children she began to formulate her vision for a new role as an entrepreneur.

It was with a passion for education and love of fashion that Image Assets was created. With a mantra to help women “look good, feel great and have FUN doing it”, Karen creates workshops and events that teach you how to build a wardrobe for the lifestyle that YOU lead, whatever your stage of life!

By enhancing your image through better style and dress, you can enhance your career progression whether its up the ladder or out on your own as an entrepreneur.

On the show today we talked about the 3 F’s of Fashion (Fit, Flatter, Feel-Good),

as well as the 3-Keys to Building a Wardrobe (Core-Accent-Accessories).

Karen revealed the biggest mistakes women make in purchasing clothes and she also explained why alterations matter.

For more about turning your image into an asset, keep in touch with Karen @

Check out Image Assets’ Trends with Friends Event on Tuesday the 2nd of March and the StyleCAMP at the end of the month.



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Thanks Karen for all the great ideas and advice for a creating a winning look that speaks our style.