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Carolyn Turknett, co-founder and President of Turknett Leadership Group

Carolyn Turknett is co-founder and President of Turknett Leadership Group, an Atlanta-based consulting firm providing leadership and organization development services to companies in a variety of industries.

Founded in 1987, the firm is a leader in using sophisticated proprietary assessment tools and long-term, personalized coaching to develop successful leaders and organizations.

Carolyn Turknett has more than fifteen years experience in management and leadership consulting. The focus of her work is character in leadership, organization assessment and change, executive team development, and leadership in turbulent times.

In this Chic Perspective, Lyn talks about how she and her husband started and grew their business by leveraging strategic partners and contractors and how they got their first book published, Decent People, Decent Company: How to Lead With Character at Work and in Life.

Lyn also shares her observations on how women’s leadership style differs from men’s as well as how entrepreneurs lead differently than corporate leaders.

Over 1000 executives have completed the Turknett individual Executive Development Program.

Turknett clients include companies of all sizes and industries, such as AGL Resources, American Cancer Society, BellSouth, Bennett International Group, Freebairn & Co., Georgia-Pacific Corp., Hewlett-Packard and Mercer Human Resources Consulting.

Listen to Carolyn Turknett’s Chic Tip for entrepreneurs and business leaders here.  The entire 30 minute interview is available as part of Season One of the Chic Perspectives Show.