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Business Advisor Elizabeth Gordon interviews Gail Dunn of Women’s Automotive Connection and Anne Fleming of on the Chic Perspectives Show

This week on the Chic Perspectives Show I had on Gail Dunn, President of Women’s Automotive Connection, Inc and Anne Fleming of

To start with Gail Dunn brought her extensive and varied business background and unique perspective to the Chic Show today.  Gail worked as a Consultant in Organization Development before entering the automotive field in the collision industry. As estimator and body shop manager, Gail has had opportunities to interact with the public extensively regarding their problems with repairs. She is dedicated to the premise that customer service needs to be brought back and the needs of the customers must come first. Gail is I-CAR platinum certified, ASI trained, and has a reputation in the industry for her scrupulous honesty and grim determination.

Gail talked about why she began focusing services on women (even though many of her clients are men).  Women have long been treated with disdain when entering the arena of automotive service, sales and related repairs. Gail intends to reverse that process and elevate the women to the level of astute, competent customers, who will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Her company Women’s Automotive Connection gives the customer the recognition and care they deserve.

She helps consumers buy a car and avoid the nerve-wracking hassle that many assume is inevitable in the car buying process.

Gail talked about doing your research. Starting with exactly what you want to purchase. Gathering the information on the cost. Her company can get dealerships fighting over you to sell the car at the lowest price. She can tell you about holdbacks, rebates, and dealer costs that will save you money.

Gail’s Women’s Automotive Connection offers great tips on car maintenance too.  Definately check out the free newsletter as well to up your car savvy – a must for any empowered chic woman.

Did you know how important correct tire pressure is in aiding increased gas mileage?
Or that tires and brakes are your first line of defense ? Or the number one factor in engine performance ?  Gail talked today about how to maintain and get the most out of your car.
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to retain her services in buying your next car.

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My next guest was Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate & President,

Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate & President of®, once struggled with negotiating at a car dealership. Now, she has vast knowledge in this area and shares her insights on negotiating and creating the best dealership experience possible.

Anne’s goal is to empower women to take charge of their automotive experience and have it be rewarding each and every visit. Appearing in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, USA Today, Anne has effectively used social networking to elevate her company to the national spotlight.

Anne talked abut what can women do to empower themselves at the dealership.  Her site allows women to share their voice—write a review and share with family and friends

Listen to learn how you can be empowered at the car dealership.

Make  a contribution to other future women car buyers of your city and write a review.

Anne talked about how to determine what kind of negotiator you are.  Take her Interactive Negotiating Test and find out if you are a Driven Diva, Brazen Babe, Cozy Chic or Virtual Vixen?

Read HER & HIS Car reviews—from two Points of view.

Anne talked about what women experience buying cars and the findings of a new report that compares the car buying experiences of Women over 40 to under 40.  The report reflects the Women Satisfaction Index® scores, or WSI® as well as other data found in the reviews of women’s experiences.

The consumer rating company found that the experience of purchasing a vehicle was less satisfactory for women under 40 than for women over 40. The top line data suggests that women over 40 are more confident, relaxed and expressed when buying a car than their younger counterpart.

Her company research the rating data provide insights and trends regarding the purchase experience at car dealerships.

What the report concludes is that regardless of age, ethnicity or marital status, women want to be treated with respect, spoken to truthfully, and to feel included in the process.

More importantly Anne says women want to feel confident about their ability to make good decisions, in a process that may or may not be familiar to them.

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Thanks to my fabulous guests and our loyal fans and listeners for following, friending and tuning in.  Talk to you next week.

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