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Elizabeth Gordon interviews Sara Burden – Business Broker and Vice President of Walden Business on the Chic Perspectives Show

Today on the Chic Perspectives Show I got to talk with Sara Burden, Vice President of Walden Business, a business brokerage firm. She is a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and received the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation through the IBBA in 2001.

Sara has taught broker classes at IBBA Conferences, frequently speaks to business groups on exit strategy topics, and has been interviewed on business radio stations.

In this Chic Perspective, Elizabeth interviews Sara about the key components of business value. The core of a business is the value that it offers the marketplace, but with that knowledge comes the question: How does a business get valued?

In this session, Sara will discuss the things that businesses need to do to prepare for sale, some common mistakes business owners make and suggestions for owners seeking to sell.

As the Vice President of Walden Business and with an extensive entrepreneurial background, Sara will share insights on business planning for the future.

Sara will analyze how long it takes to sell a business, what kind of payment to expect and what an owner can do to maximize their business’ value.

If you have aspirations to eventually sell your business, even if that is many years in the future, it is important to learn today where to invest your time and energy as you grow the company, so you ultimately maximize the return on your investment of money, time and energy.